Terms of Use



Any cancellation is free up to 60 days before your stay if the lockdown is extended or reinstated by government decision at the time of your vacation. You will then receive a nominative Second Home Rent voucher valid for 18 months.

Also, we want to assure you that everything is done on our side to guarantee impeccable hygiene and cleanliness in the houses that we offer for rental.

During this period we ask the clients to arrive after 17.00 and to leave at 09.00 hours so we have enough time to clean the property according the new recommendations by the government.

Thanks for your understanding.


These general conditions are intended to apply between

The lessees of a rental, says the tenant 


The intermediary managing the rental property, says Second Home Rent/Care or the lessor.


Article 1. Legal conditions

Second Home Rent cannot be held responsible for any disruption, modification or foreclosure of the client's residence, if this is the result of unforeseen or insurmountable events beyond his control. Second Home Rent cannot be held responsible for the inconvenience caused by the work of others, such as municipality, province, etc. Second Home Rent can be held responsible in case of interruption of water or electricity, nor damage due to climatic conditions (flood, storm, hail, fire, snow). Second Home Rent declines any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to luggage, personal property or vehicles components, and for the costs of accidents in and around the pool and personal accidents in and around the property.


Article 2. Reservation and prices

A reservation is valid from the moment Second Home Rent has received the required deposit. Paying this means the renter has read and accepted the following terms of the rental terms and the full description of the property, which he has rented. The prices of Second Home Rent have been calculated in euros and are per property per rental period, if indicated on the invoice. VAT does not apply here. Additional costs, such as cleaning, costs, taxes, etc., are listed in the property description and are never included in the rent.


Article 3. Payment of rent

For any reservation, 30% of the rent must be paid in advance and the booking fee. This deposit must be made within two days of sending the contract received by Second Home Rent. You will receive two invoices for the down payment and the rest of the amount.

The rest must be received by Second Home Rent no later than six weeks before the start of the stay in the apartment. If this has not happened, the renter will receive an e-mail at the request of the remainder to be paid within 5 working days. Otherwise, this will be considered a cancellation by the tenant and the cancellation provisions of section 4 are applicable property. Second Home Rent simultaneously has the right to offer a vacation again for rental. If the booking is less than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, payment of the total price of the rental by return should take place. Upon reception of the entire amount will be reinforced a description of itineraries and other information.


Article 4. Deposit

4.1. You must be aware that the hosting provider requires a guarantee, depending on the accommodation and destination. The exact quantity is displayed on the first page of the reservation. The deposit is payable before your arrival or with the final balance (six weeks before arrival), depending on the accommodation provider. The method of payment depends on the hosting provider; by credit card, bank transfer in advance or on the spot in cash. This information can be found on our website.

4.2. The deposit will be returned within 14 days of your departure.

4.3. In case of damage and / or loss of the rented property, and / or conditions is due to the tenant, the total damages deducted from the deposit. In all cases where the cost of damage and / or loss of the rented property or damages of the housing providers exceeds the deposit paid must immediately claim the tenant to his liability insurance. Cases of breakage, loss and / or damage during your stay must be reported immediately to the accommodation provider. Even when they are not respected our house governs the fine will be deducted from the deposit.

4.4. If on arrival you will find any kind of irregularity, please contact us within 24 hours so that a solution can be found and the deductions for breakage that is not your responsibility, is prevented.


Article 5. Cancellation by the tenant

Any cancellation must be notified in writing or by e-mail to Second Home Rent.

Second Home Rent provides the following amounts, depending on the date of cancellation by the tenant:

  • Cancellation more than 3 months before the start of the rental period: 0 euros.
  • Cancellation between the 90th and the 60th day before the beginning of the rental period: 30% of the rent.
  • Cancellation between the 59th and 30th day before the start of the rental period: 50% of the rent.
  • Cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the rental period: 100% of the rent.


Article 6. Cancellation by Second Home Rent

In the event of exceptional circumstances in which Second Home Rent is obliged to cancel the booking, the tenant will be informed as soon as possible and the sums paid will be returned in full by bank transfer or similar proposed if possible.


Article 7. Claims

Any complaint concerning the general condition of the house, the maintenance and the overall service must be formulated by the renter at Second Home Rent within a maximum of 48 hours, following the taking possession of the accommodation, by contacting the head office directly at 03 86 74 60 37. In the event that the tenant justifies the inadequacy of the accommodation to the rental description posted on the Second Home Rent website and refuses to take possession of the property and to comply with the rental agreement, Second Home Rent must be informed immediately and will endeavor to find another property to propose to the tenant. In case of bad faith of the tenant, Second Home Rent reserves a right of recourse against the tenant with the competent authorities.


Article 8. Liability

8.1. The tenant indicated on the reservation is responsible for himself and the co-tenants for the total rent and for any damage caused by him and the other tenants to the property during the rental period.

8.2. Second Home Rent does not accept bookings for groups of guests who are younger than 21 years old. This means that at least one person (the reservation) must be at least 21 years old.

8.3. Second Home Rent only rent for the holidays. You must behave responsibly.

Events such as raves, parties or weddings are not permitted without the prior written consent of Second Home Rent. Guests must be sufficiently calm and peaceful, so that no inconvenience may occur for neighbors. Respect the neighbors. No music festival too strong from 10pm.

Article 9. Designation of applicable law

The terms of the contract are subject to the law of the country, that is to say France. All appeals must be brought before the French courts. The territorial jurisdiction will be based on the location of the Second Home Rent headquarters, ie the Auxerre Court.


Article 10. Description of the holiday home

All information relating to the holiday home presented on the website, including the description of housing conditions, facilities and furnishings, are provided by the owner of the property and are attested by Second Home Rent prior to their publication on the website.

In the event of significant changes that occur prior to the arrival of the renter, Second Home Rent will immediately inform and make sure that these changes do not affect the overall quality of the accommodation.

All information about the local environment and outdoor activities around the holiday home is provided on an indicative basis only and Second Home Rent can not be held responsible for any typographical errors or misrepresentation of this information.

All information relating to tourism and sports activities provided by third parties, and is not the responsibility of Second Home Rent.

Second Home Rent is not responsible for accidents in or around the pool. The pool is accessible at your own risk, and meets all current security requirements.


Article 11. Complaints and disputes.

No complaint will be considered, otherwise by telephone or e-mail, if not reported within 48 hours after taking possession of the property and followed by a registered letter.

If the tenant refuses to take possession of the property because the condition of the property does not correspond to what he can reasonably expect, he must immediately contact Second Home Rent. It can be possible to reach an agreement, but the complaint must be authenticated by a bailiff or a notary in order to obtain an objective opinion.

This contract is established and must be interpreted by the French law. Any disputes that may arise from this contract fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French District Court


Article 12. Dates of arrival and departure

The tenant will have to contact the reference person, at the number previously communicated by Second Home Rent, at least one hour before his arrival. The keys are to be picked up on site, between 16 and 18 hours. Upon departure, the tenant must vacate the premises before 10 am, after having duly returned the keys.


Article 13. Maximum capacity

The holiday home is presented for a maximum number of people indicated on the website. This capacity cannot be exceeded, unless previously agreed by Second Home Rent.

In case of non-compliance with the maximum capacity clause, Second Home Rent may refuse entry to the premises to the tenant or charge an additional 25% of the rental per week, deductible from the deposit.


Article 14. Animals

Pets are not allowed except special agreement. An additional cost of 50 euros will be required.



Article 15. Pool

Second home Rent is responsible for providing complete and detailed information on the legal and regulatory obligations of pool owners, as well as a warning to tenants about the obligation to monitor children and the risks that may result from the use of the swimming pool. In the event that Second Home Rent is held liable for damage resulting from the use of a swimming pool, it may legally turn against the owner or the renter, as the case may be. Second Home Rent is not responsible for accidents in and around the pool. The pools are usually open around the beginning of April until the end of September. However, we cannot guarantee the water temperature. Even heated pools are subject to the weather.


Article 16. Additional costs

The additional costs (cleaning, bed linen, towels, charges, tourist tax) are paid before entering the premises.


Article 17. Cleaning

Upon entering the accommodation, the tenant must find the holiday home in perfect condition. If for any reason this is not the case, the renter must let Second Home Rent immediately remedy the situation or at least within 24 hours. Upon departure, the tenant must leave the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness and storage. The dishes should be made and all garbage and bags should be left in the bins provided. All glass and plastic bottles must be collected separately and disposed of in communal recycling areas.

Non-compliance with these clauses your deposit may be reduced.


Article 18. Satellite television and cable television

Foreign owners mainly have decoders via the antenna. This system is not always suitable for receiving all (international) programs.


Article 19. Unwanted visitors

Country houses may be subject to unwanted visitors such as ants, mice, flies, etc. Usually, using an insecticide that you can buy at the supermarket can solve the problem.


Article 20. Energy

A mandatory supplement is charged during the heating season between October 15th and April 15th. These fees vary by house.


Article 21. Additional costs

When booking the stay, there are additional mandatory costs, which are listed in the property description, such as use of water, tourist tax, electricity, cleaning, bed linen and towels. This can be adjusted before arrival.


Article 22. Rules to be respected (failing which the deposit will be amputated)

  • Do not move furniture around.
  • Do not open cabinets or spaces that are locked.
  • Do not throw anything into toilets, bathtubs, sinks or other places (no pads, towels, panty liners).
  • Do not dispose of cleaning agents (such as chlorine), grease and food debris in sewers or toilets.
  • Always use sheets and go for the beds.
  • Be careful that your pet does not go up on sofas or beds.
  • If there is a fireplace or wood stove in the house, do not use wet wood. If you do not know how to use the fireplace, you can contact us. Buy wood (the manager can advise you where you can find it) and do not take it in the forest or garden. Do not use the wood stored by the owner of the house unless authorized.
  • The truck for garbage bags goes very early in the morning. Please, leave rubbish on the previous night along the road.
  • Respect the garden and the pool, do not pick flowers and do not touch the trees and plants, do not light fires on lawns.
  • Avoid driving cars on the lawn or garden. Do not park cars on the grass.
  • The setting up of tents is strictly forbidden.
  • Collect the excrement of your animals.
  • Respect the neighborhood. The house should be used without creating noise or odor in the neighborhood, in accordance with local regulations. Do not make noise and respect the rules, not too much noise after 10pm, local residents deserve calm.
  • Report any defects at the beginning of the stay, so that we can fix the problems quickly but also so that you are not held responsible.
  • Any complaint must immediately be reported to the administrator (at the latest within 24 hours) after submission of a report and photos.
  • Inform Second Home Rent of any damage caused during your stay or noticed at your arrival regarding a part of the movable property so that it can be corrected before the next rental period.
  • Close the doors and windows with keys when you leave.
  • The house must be clean (no trailing dishes, worktop empty, bottles sorted and emptied in the containers provided for this purpose and the bins must be placed in the container outside).
  • Clean the barbecue and the chimney.
  • In case of non-compliance with all or part of the rules of this contract, Second Home Rent is authorized to charge additional fees, which will be retained on the deposit and charged extra if the amount thereof does not cover the cost of repairs or redemption of equipment.